Minor Figures and Coffee Supreme serve up a cup of Futuristic Brew for International Coffee Day

Hey there, coffee-loving pals of Melbourne! Get ready for a taste of the future.

Minor Figures, the plant-based pioneers, and Coffee Supreme, the coffee wizards, have joined forces to whip up something truly special, just in time for International Coffee Day.

Starting September 30th, the Coffee Supreme spot in Abbotsford will be serving a brew that’s like a sneak peek into coffee’s tomorrow. The first 100 lucky folks through the door on that day get to try it for free. It’s like a little sip of what coffee might be like a hundred years from now.

supreme minor figures

Jonathan Chiu, one of the legends behind Minor Figures, said, “We’re all about looking ahead and solving problems for our coffee-loving friends. So, we wondered, what’s coffee going to be like in a hundred years? We teamed up with Coffee Supreme to find out.”

The special drink is served in a fancy whisky glass with three layers. The first layer has a strong mix of Colombian espresso and tonic water – it’s like a burst of energy from the Earth. Then comes a zesty syrup made from yuzu and brown sugar, giving it a tangy twist. Finally, there’s a fluffy layer of cold milk foam made with Minor Figures Barista Oat Milk, making it creamy and refreshing.

minor figures supreme coffee

Coffee Supreme suggests sipping it slowly to savour each layer. And guess what? This cosmic coffee adventure isn’t just in Melbourne. Cafés in Tokyo and the USA are in on the fun too.

But here’s the catch – it’s only available until October 7th. So, don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out on this taste of the future! Cheers to the coolest coffee around!