Miss Elm breaks sonic boundaries on her new EP ‘The Shape Of Light’

Miss Elm crafts sprawling sonic universes within each of her songs. The Brisbane-based artist has spent the past number of years carving out an incredibly unique space for herself in the world of folk. In fact, to say she sits in any one genre would be inaccurate. She kind of exists in a musical world of her own, bending boundaries of genre to fit her personal vision.

We covered a string of her singles last year, tracking the evolution and diversification of her sound. From Clean Slate to The Castle, we saw her begin to build a world of music. Now, with her new EP The Shape Of Light, this projected vision feels like it’s finally come to fruition.

Miss Elm has unveiled her new EP The Shape Of Light; further building her immersive, boundary-breaking sonic universe.

Across its five tracks, the EP flips seamlessly between hauntingly beautiful folk balladry and dynamic, energetic electro-tinged pop. That is the EP’s most endearing quality; its refusal to be categorised. Each time you think you’ve got this release pinned down, it slips out from beneath you, evolving into something completely new.

EP opener Clean Slate is a dreamy blend of ghostly string arrangements and silky vocals, easing you into the sonic experimentation of the EP. Subtle but powerful electronic beats are introduced, laying the perfect bed for Miss Elm’s lush vocals. From here, The Castle showcases her melodic sensibilities, while Seasons feels more traditionally folk.

As the EP’s closing track Let Go Let Love reaches its euphoric final moments, Miss Elm’s brilliant take on folk music will be clear.

This is the latest in a string of consistently great releases from this Brissy artist, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.

Listen to the new EP above.