Mitsy are “starved for attention” on thrashing pop-punk single ‘Peter Pan-Am’

There’s a carefree quality to Mitsy’s third-ever single Peter Pan-Am, as if it was borne from a lighthearted yet clamorous garage session.   

Mitsy have released Peter Pan-Am, a thrashing pop-punk cut that serves as the Melbourne-based band’s third-ever single. Defined by a bright guitar melody, Peter Pan-Am might be at home on the soundtrack of your favourite early-aughties teen movie, with thunderous drum sequences and catchy spoken word hooks. “You said hello first,” Mitsy member Carmine sings in bellowing vocals, “and I almost said I love you.”

There’s a carefree quality to Peter Pan-Am’s witty lyricism and quirky riffs, to the point where you can picture bandmates Alex, Carmine, Max and Thomas jamming out to the tune in their very own garage. Call-and-response vocals appear elsewhere on the track, as screechy guitar licks and anthemic melodies make way for an ascendent final chorus. “I should’ve known you were just tryna be nice,” Carmine admits in an all-too-rare ​​diminuendo on the bridge.

Mitsy single 'Peter Pan-Am
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Addressing a particularly inescapable crush, Peter Pan-Am’s self-deprecating lyrics sing of being “starved of attention” and having “nothing to offer,” with the song’s subject only “frequenting my dreams.” It’s the kind of narrative territory ripe for pop punk, as Mitsy pair adolescent anxieties with melody equal parts rapturous and eruptive. “Mitsy… serves to adaptively express all the melancholy and angst associated with navigating life,”  the band explained in a press statement. 

Mitsy’s collective vision for Peter Pan-Am is borne out of the shared music tastes of founding members Alex and Carmine, who first met as teammates on their college soccer team. After discovering their passion and relocating to Australia, the bandmates enlisted Thomas as a bassist and Max behind the drums — with their debut single as Mitsy arriving in 2022’s I Don’t Have Any Friends. The band’s sophomore effort Money was released last December. 

Mitsy single 'Peter Pan-Am

Mitsy will celebrate the release of Peter Pan-Am with an official single launch event at The Exeter in Adelaide on April 22. Find more information about that here, and listen to Mitsy’s new single Peter Pan-Am below.