Funko unleashes Soundgarden Vinyl figures! Get ready to swoon!

Prepare your vinyl shelves, pop culture aficionados, because Funko, the reigning king of collectibles, has once again outdone themselves with Soundgarden and Janis Joplin!

From iconic classic rock artists to beloved modern-day frontmen, Funko is bringing the heat with their newest Pop! Vinyl figures, and we are here for it with all our Happy love.  Get ready to drool over, Soundgarden, Janis Joplin, George Clinton, and U2, as Funko immortalizes these music legends in their signature style.

Let’s dive into the details and marvel at the pop perfection that is Funko’s latest additions to their ever-growing collection.

Funko, the reigning champion of pop culture collectibles, has sent waves of excitement through music fans with their latest announcement: the Soundgarden Badmotorfinger Deluxe Pop! Album Figure. This exquisite creation pays homage to an iconic moment in music history, capturing the album’s cover art and vinyl art in a window display box complete with a hard case measuring a staggering 11 1/2-inches tall x 23-inches wide. But that’s not all – this deluxe set also includes four Pop!

janis joplin pop figure

Vinyl Figures of the band members: Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron, each standing at approximately 3 3/4-inches tall. This is a must-have for any Soundgarden fan who wants to cherish the band’s legacy in a truly unique and stunning way.

But Funko doesn’t stop there. They continue to unleash a slew of new Pop! collectibles that are sure to make music aficionados swoon. Janis Joplin, the incomparable powerhouse singer known for hits like “Piece of My Heart” and “Me and Bobby McGee,” is honored with not one, but two Funko figures. The first captures Joplin in her iconic ’60s attire, complete with sandals, necklaces, and tinted oversized sunglasses, while the second is a mind-bending black light edition, adding a psychedelic spin to the original design. It’s a fitting tribute to a legendary artist who left an indelible mark on music history.

Speaking of funk, Funko pays homage to the genre’s maestro, George Clinton, with a figure that is out of this world – literally. The collectible portrays Clinton in an otherworldly ensemble, complete with a cane, a majestic beard, and multicolored hair that exudes pure funkiness. It’s a true testament to Clinton’s inimitable style and influence on music.

pop figure U2

Classic rock fans have plenty to rejoice about as well, with U2 and Soundgarden both getting their own collectible sets celebrating their iconic albums. U2’s set includes vinyl figures of all four members – Bono, the Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., and Adam Clayton – accompanied by album art from their 1997 LP, Pop. Soundgarden’s set, on the other hand, features the artwork from their seminal 1991 album Badmotorfinger, along with figures of Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Ben Shepherd, and Matt Cameron. These sets are a nostalgic trip down memory lane for fans who hold these bands dear to their hearts.

Not to be forgotten, Funko also pays tribute to the late Bon Scott, the iconic singer of AC/DC, with a figure that captures him in all his hard rock glory. Holding a microphone and donning a denim outfit complete with blue jeans and a ripped denim vest showing off his famous chest hair, the figure is a fitting tribute to Scott’s legendary status in the world of rock music.

But Funko’s love for music doesn’t end there. They also immortalize two other charismatic frontmen with their own Pop! figures: Papa Emeritus IV of Ghost and Corey Taylor of Slipknot. Taylor’s figure even comes in a special platinum release, available exclusively through Hot Topic, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and excitement for fans.

In the ever-growing world of Pop! collectibles, Funko continues to capture the hearts of music fans with their attention to detail, creativity, and dedication to celebrating the legacies of beloved musicians. These new additions to their lineup are sure to be treasured by fans and collectors alike, serving as timeless reminders of the impact and influence of these iconic pop figures.