Melbourne’s The Murlocs unleash psychedelic chaos in ‘Undone And Unashamed’ music video

The Murlocs’ latest music video for “Undone And Unashamed” features a spinning fun-house room, adding a disorienting and surreal visual element that perfectly complements the track’s hedonistic themes.

Melbourne’s own The Murlocs are set to make waves once again with their latest single, “Undone And Unashamed,” a raw and unapologetic exploration of hedonism and its consequences.

Led by multi-instrumentalist Ambrose Kenny-Smith, also known for his work with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs deliver a classic garage rock sound with a touch of psychedelic fuzz that’s become synonymous with their music. However, “Calm Ya Farm” sees the band branching out and experimenting with new sounds, including Kenny-Smith’s first saxophone solo, as they delve into 1970s American psychedelic rock.

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The Murlocs, hailing from Melbourne, Australia, are ready to captivate audiences once again with their latest offering, “Undone And Unashamed.” Led by the multi-talented Ambrose Kenny-Smith, also known for his work with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs have become synonymous with their raw and unapologetic garage rock sound infused with psychedelic fuzz. However, their forthcoming album, “Calm Ya Farm,” takes their music in a new direction, experimenting with 1970s American psychedelic rock, and showcases Kenny-Smith’s first-ever saxophone solo, a testament to their musical evolution.

The lyrics of “Undone And Unashamed” confront the idea of self-indulgence and the repercussions that come with constantly letting loose. Kenny-Smith howls out character archetypes from the “prima donna snorting up too much coke” to the “Jimmy Dean…rebel without a cause,” as the consequences of an endless party lifestyle begin to catch up. “Letting loose all the time comes at a cost,” Kenny-Smith explains, “when you choose to not hold yourself accountable for your actions by going on countless benders, it will only make things worse. People don’t always forgive and forget.”

The music video for “Undone And Unashamed” is a visual feast that perfectly complements the track’s hedonistic themes. Directed by Jack Rule, the video features a spinning fun-house room in which lead vocalist Ambrose Kenny-Smith struts and dances with comedic flair. The use of the rotating room creates a disorienting and surreal visual experience, adding to the overall psychedelic vibe of the song. Rule drew inspiration from Shaun Micallef’s iconic rotating room skit and an Ames distortion room in a museum, combining the two to create a unique and memorable video concept. Despite the challenges of creating a levitating and rotating set, Rule successfully brings to life a weird and magical world that perfectly captures the irreverent spirit of The Murlocs’ music. The video for “Undone And Unashamed” is a must-watch for fans of The Murlocs and those who appreciate creative and boundary-pushing music videos.

“Calm Ya Farm,” set to release on May 19 via ATO Records, promises to be a standout album in the music scene. Recorded in their home studios and mixed by repeat collaborator John Lee, the album features The Murlocs’ signature garage-punk sound with a twist of country-rock convention. The album’s tracks, including previously released lead single “Initiative” and “Undone And Unashamed,” showcase the band’s collaborative efforts and sophisticated arrangements, allowing all five members to pursue their eccentric impulses. With lush flute melodies, potent flamenco-guitar riffs, and dreamlike Farfisa tones, “Calm Ya Farm” touches on a range of themes, from the vicious tone of political discourse to the brain-addling effect of conspiracy theories.

As the album title suggests, “Calm Ya Farm” aims to ease the listener into a more serene state of mind, a sentiment that Kenny-Smith’s partner often reminds him of during stressful times. It’s a reminder to take things a little easier and chill out in the midst of life’s chaos. Fans of The Murlocs and newcomers alike can eagerly anticipate the release of “Calm Ya Farm,” a record that pushes boundaries, delivers raw and unapologetic rock music, and showcases the band’s evolution as musicians. With their unique sound and irreverent spirit, The Murlocs are sure to make waves once again in the music scene with their latest album and the mesmerizing music video for “Undone And Unashamed.”

The Murlocs “Calm Ya Farm,” is slated for release on May 19 via ATO Records. Preorder here.


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