Modal Electronics launches the Cobalt8 virtual analogue synth

Modal Electronics launches the Cobalt8 virtual analogue synth

The Cobalt8 from Modal Electronics is a virtual analog synthesiser that invites you to create a universe of warm and punchy sounds.

Modal Electronics has just released the Cobalt8, an eight-voice extended virtual-analogue synthesiser. The Cobalt8 is a companion piece to the Argon8, another Modal Electronics model.

To the naked eye, the two synthesisers looking remarkably similar, however, the Cobalt8 possesses several key new features.

Modal Electronics Cobalt8

The Cobalt8 has 64 oscillators with eight different polyphonic voices, 34 algorithms and a 512 note sequencer (but who’s counting?). There are 37 velocity-sensitive keys (with aftertouch) for all your performance requirements. In terms of modulation, there are 3 dedicated envelope generators for Amp, Mod and Filter that can be accessed independently or all at once.

The Cobalt8 has three effect engines that feature 11 different algorithms. These include chorus, two types of flanger, lo-fi, ping-pong delay, phaser, reverb, rotary, stereo delay, tremolo and X-over delay. Other noteworthy features are an arpeggiator, multiple sequence trigger mode and chord mode.

For a modestly-sized instrument, the possibilities on offer for building complex and inspiring pads, leads and basses from scratch are endless. As Modal Electronics suggests, it offers “Analogue goodness and so much more.”

For all the details on Cobalt8, head over to the Model Electronics website.