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Modder fixes ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator’ by adding Godzilla

A modder has corrected a glaring absence in 2020’s Microsoft Flight Simulator by adding Godzilla to the landscape of San Francisco.

You know what? Jumping into Microsoft Flight Simulator and flying around a world’s worth of vivid, realistic landscapes is great and all, but something’s just… missing. Something big. Something like Godzilla.

Modder Sergio ‘muyprofesional’ Perea has stepped up to correct this grave oversight, once again demonstrating the value of the modding community in patching over the developer’s initial shoddy workmanship.

Sunset Godzilla Flight Simulator 2020 fix

The mod promises to fulfil that craving for kaiju that exists deep in all our hearts. As Sergio writes: “Imagine yourself flying in the storm with poor visibility and suddenly discover the lightning silhouette of the King of the Monsters. Stop imagining it. Now you can feel it.”

Sadly, the King of Monsters himself isn’t animated and simply stands idle, looming over the passing traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge. And why, I hear you ask, has he chosen to menace San Francisco, rather than his usual romping ground of Tokyo city? Sergio explained that Tokyo has not yet been photogrammetry meshed, meaning that it hasn’t undergone the process that gives cities and other landscape features in Microsoft Flight Simulator their insane level of detail.

Sergio reports that if people seem fond of his first try at fictional scenery (and we are), he will follow it up by adding King Kong to the Empire State Building or the Burj Khalifa. We wait with bated breath.

Needless to say, we all wanna see Godzilla as we fly across the sky. Hell, maybe we even wanna see Godzilla flying too!

Microsoft Flight Simulator players who want a little more Godzilla in their life can get a hold of the mod here.