The Lamps run-through the music gear they used for latest single ‘This Town’

The Lamps’ music is a testament to their collective talent, but behind every great band is a set of carefully chosen instruments and gear.

The Lamps have been making waves in the indie-rock scene with their recent string of standalone singles, including the bittersweet homage to their hometown, “This Town.”

But beyond their impressive songwriting skills lies a deep appreciation for their most treasured music gear.

The Lamps single 'This Town'

From Joe Krahling’s beloved Ludwig Black Beauty Snare, to Scott Holdridge’s 1986 Squier Telecaster affectionately named Wendy, the band members give us an inside look into their favorite pieces of gear that help shape their sound.

Christian Selig’s Boss GT-1B effects pedal and Harrison Laver’s reverb pedal called Spring Chicken are also highlights, showcasing the band’s dedication to finding the perfect sound. And let’s not forget their furry friend and band mascot, GlayShure, who loves treats, belly rubs, and snow almost as much as The Lamps love talking about all things gear. Get ready for a guided tour of The Lamps’ favourite gear and an ode to the joy of gear talk.

Joe Krahling (drums). 

My favourite piece of my drum kit is the Ludwig Black Beauty Snare. It may sound cliché to have the snare be my favourite piece (because it’s the loudest and most pronounced), but I just really love this snare. It can be tuned tightly so it can give a loud crack, but can also be tuned down to have a more fat sound…very dynamic. I’ve never found another snare I’ve enjoyed more.

The Lamps gear run-through

Scott Holdridge (lead guitar)

This is Wendy, and she’s been through some shit. She got her name during a practice when someone asked me to add something to a song they were working on and said, “like the bendy Wendy’s you do.” It’s a 1986 Japanese-made Squier Telecaster I’ve had for four years. It’s the only guitar I use. It’s cliche, but true: Tele’s are the most versatile guitars and if you just need one guitar for a recording session, you should bring a tele.

The Lamps gear run-through

Christian Selig (bass)

My favourite piece of gear is my Boss GT-1B effects pedal. It’s got a bunch of fun effects, and it’s compact and easy to travel and gig with. It’s also got a looping feature that I enjoy messing around with.

Harrison Laver (vocals/rhythm guitar)

One of my favourites is a reverb pedal called Spring Chicken. As you could probably guess, it’s spring reverb! I quite literally never switch this pedal off. Along with a touch of reverb from my Fender Blues Deluxe amp, it provides a gentle and unique layer that gives my tone more depth and approachability. There’s a slight shimmer that you can hear if you listen close, too. And there’s nothing wrong with a pedal that has just one knob – CLUCK. 

The Lamps gear run-through

Whole Band 

Do you get down with treats? GlayShure gets down with treats. Also, belly rubs and the snow are what’s up. Glay is currently the band mascot, security, and guitar tech. He has a swath of roadies but it ain’t like you think: Glay just wants treats, belly rubs and a walk. He learned to “shake” and wants to show you. DO YOU HAVE TREATS?

The Lamps gear run-through