Wisp announces debut EP with new single ‘Enough for you’

Wisp has wrestled with her perception of herself on Enough for you, the latest preview of her just-announced debut EP

Wisp has today (March 15) announced details of her upcoming debut EP, celebrating the news with a just-released single, ‘Enough for you’.

The new track sees the 19-year-old trailblazer continue her immersion in maximalist shoegaze, as punctuated by moody vocals and wistful yet noisy instrumentation.

Wisp single 'Enough for you'

Amid punchy percussion and soaring guitar riffs, Wisp sings of “feeling undeserving for others,” she explained in a press statement. 

She continued: “The lyrics are from the perspective of a person who has contradicted themselves into believing the negative perception of their own is how everyone else views them as well.”

‘Enough for you’ is the latest preview of Pandora, Wisp’s upcoming debut EP set for release on April 5. 

The tracklist will also include previously released singles ‘Once then we’ll be free’, ‘See you soon’ and ‘Your face’, the last of which has amassed some 40 million streams and received an official music video late last year.

Get swept up in the shoegaze reveries of Wisp’s new single ‘Enough for you’ below.