All aboard the jumbo: Meet the new 150 GB Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a gaming staple since the early ’80s. Back then, of course, computers were pretty rudimentary in terms of spec, therefore the experience wasn’t exactly realistic or immersive.

Nowadays were gifted with much more powerful hardware and the latest incarnation of the classic plans to make the most of it. Weighing in at a stonking 150 GB, the new Flight Simulator will have you thinking about your hard drive priorities very carefully.Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a bona fide gaming classic. The latest version is an even more immersive experience, weighing in at 150 GB.

Not only will players have to reserve a huge amount of space for the game, they’ll have to be hooked up to a pretty decent internet connection. The world of Flight Simulator is created by accessing Bing’s map data (around two million GB worth to be exact).

You’ll need a pretty powerful PC to enjoy the full experience if the recommended specs are anything to go by. Ideally, you’d have a Ryzen Z Pro or Intel i7-9800x CPU, Radeon VII or NVIDIA RTX 2080 GPU, 32 GB of RAM and 50 Mbps bandwidth.

What you get though? The most painstakingly recreated version of the game ever, with 40,000 airports, rendered in stunning 3D realism. Given that we won’t be doing much travelling at all this year, it might just be the game for 2020.

Visit the Flight Simulator website for more.