Momma is back with their new single ‘Speeding 72’

Momma has perfectly catered to the 90s obsession we’re all going through with their new single Speeding 72.

Momma, an Indie-rock band heralding from Los Angeles is made up of two singer/ guitarists Allegra Weingarten and Etta Friedman.

The pair have recently upgraded from GarageBand and have excitedly moved into a proper studio to write and record their upcoming album Household Name alongside producer Aron Kobayashi Ritch.

Momma Household Name

Household Name will be released on July 1 and comes as the band’s debut album since signing with Mirror Records.

Momma’s new album will feature 12 songs including their brand new single Speeding 72 which follows the album’s previous singles Rockstar and Medicine.

Speeding 72 is a romantic 90s dream. The hook is a reference to Pavement’s Gold Soundz which was released in 2004 but Momma’s take on the vibe has led to a deliciously summery tune.

Imagine the sun is shining, you’re in a 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet convertible, speeding down a long and winding road. Speeding 72 is exactly the song that would have been blasting from the car in the opening scene of 10 Things I Hate About You, had it been released then.

I was not remotely surprised to see that Momma chose to show themselves driving around in an old Volvo for the Speeding 72 music video. Well, I should say being driven around as their producer Aron features in the film clip, giving the girls a lift.

The video was directed by Madeline Leshner and Zach Stone and was apparently partially influenced by The Breakfast Club so, I wasn’t far off.

“’Speeding 72′ is probably the most collaboratively written song on the new record. We wanted it to be the sort of summertime anthem that you can turn on during a drive to impress your crush,” the band explained.

“The most important part of the production was setting the right mood to transport the listener. The song starts with Aron getting into his car (which is featured on the album cover), and then turning on the ignition.”

Along with the single release and huge album announcement, Momma has confirmed a mammoth headlining US tour where the girls will get to play their biggest shows to date.

It’s safe to say these legends won’t be slowing down any time soon which feels like the perfect realisation to glean from the release of Speeding 72.


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