Mood, space and the art of invisibility with rising producer Antonia Gauci

An engineer turned producer turned musician, the journey of Antonia Gauci has touched every hidden corner a modern studio has to offer. Counting DMA’s, Troye Sivan, Art vs. Science and Sticky Fingers amongst her past peers, she’s no stranger to a big record here and there.

Splitting her time between Sydney’s most prestigious recording spaces as well as her own projects Leftenent and Gauci, she has recently found herself at a career crossroads. We sat down with Antonia to find out how she chases all her dreams at once, and where her life will take her from here.

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Photo: Liam Cameron

A producer, engineer, mixer and songwriter rolled into one, Antonia Gauci represents the new wave of multidisciplinary artists set to take the world by storm.

HAPPY: Was it always engineering that specifically interested you?

ANTONIA: In the beginning it was definitely engineering, I wanted to make big records in big studios and I’ve done the best I can to get there. But, in the last couple of years I’ve fallen in love with writing and performing again. Trying to do all of the things at the same time.

HAPPY: It can be tough. So it’s quite a natural progression to go from…

ANTONIA: Bottom of the ranks to assisting?

HAPPY: Yep. Is that a path you’d advise others to follow?

ANTONIA: Yeah. People need to understand that it takes a long time to get there and you need to acquire certain skills along the way, that’s why there are internships in place, to grow and learn and watch. Just snowball your way into it.


Read the full interview in Happy Mag Issue #5.

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