Morchella moulds ’90s alt-rock into inky textures on her debut EP ‘Woman of Now’

On her debut EP, Morchella spins a lifetime of frustration and resolution into the space of four grunge-heavy anthems.

Morchella is writing new age songs for those who fell in love with the abrasive poetry of PJ Harvey and Sharon Van Etten.

Nocturnal ballads that erupt in silver-wrapped textures, the Woman of Now EP is a collection of fragility and rawness armoured in gritty punk-rock.


The EP’s lead track has ’90s alt-rock written all over it. From the rough, bass-driven verse to its smooth, twilight choruses, Morchella sings divine feminine energy into a symphony. A symphony, in this case, isn’t dressed up in festivity or over-exaggeration: what the artist delivers is raw, weathered, and utterly brilliant.

“This is the mood I tried to capture in the instrumentation/production of the song, particularly the choruses, with the verses taking on a grittier tone” the singer says of the song. “The song was written before the pandemic, but I can certainly speak for myself that ‘living in the present’ has been a saving grace in these uncertain times when the future can be too scary to contemplate. Perhaps this is a sentiment that others can also relate to.”

Each song on this EP slowly breaks away another layer of Morchella’s armour, exploring concepts of time, appreciation, and gratitude. In the process, the artist paints over every imaginable wall of alt-rock with influences of grunge, punk, and contemporary indie, leaving audiences with a fully realised masterpiece.

Dive into this incredible release below: