Artists on Spotify are dropping like flies, Crosby, Stills, & Nash are next to go

Neil Young’s ex-bandmates have also decided to remove their music from Spotify in response to the Joe Rogan saga.

David Crosby, Steven Stills & Graham Nash are the latest artists to jump on the anti-Joe Rogan train, due to the “dangerous information” the podcaster has been sharing on The Joe Rogan Experience.

It’s been a while since Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have agreed on anything, but the bitter dispute that ended the band has been placed aside (for now), to reunite against Spotify.

Joe Rogan
Joe Rogan recording his podcast | Credit: The Joe Rogan Experience

In January, Neil Young and Joni Mitchell both announced they would be taking their music off the streaming service after Joe Rogan continuously spread false information about COVID vaccines on his Spotify exclusive podcast.

Spotify has shown no interest in removing The Joe Rogan Experience from their platform, despite the danger Rogan’s chart-topping podcast could have on public health.

In a statement posted to Crosby’s Twitter, the trio wrote, “We support Neil and we agree with him that there is dangerous disinformation being aired on Spotify’s Joe Rogan podcast. While we always value alternate points of view, knowingly spreading disinformation during this pandemic had deadly consequences.”

So, good on them, right? Leaving Spotify for a more ethical alternative. But when the alternative recommended to fans is Amazon, morals must be questioned.

This is a company that built its success by copying products made by smaller, ethical companies and manufacturing them cheaply and unethically while treating their employees like crap.

Sure, they don’t have The Joe Rogan Experience on their streaming service, but does Neil Young really believe that Amazon wouldn’t jump on the opportunity if the podcast hadn’t already been bought out by Spotify?