Dying Light 2: how to beat GRE Anomaly missions and tough enemies

Combat in Dying Light 2 can seem rather daunting at first. It’s deceptively complex and can get messy at an alarming rate. That said, we have a number of hints that should help you defeat the more difficult enemies (such as the ones found in GRE Anomaly missions).

The open world of Dying Light 2  is a marvel to behold and explore, but make no mistake: danger lurks around nearly every corner. Combat is an important part of the game and, no matter how skilled you are at parkour, you will be forced into some challenging confrontations such as GRE Anomaly missions.

Fear not though fellow Pilgrim, because combat in Dying Light 2 is actually a lot of fun once you get your head around it. The first thing to take into account is that you will be engaging in a fair amount of melee combat.

Grabbing a blunt object and wading into the horde of undead is generally how things are accomplished in this post-apocalyptic world; unless that is you are wondering how to beat GRE Anomaly missions, bosses or difficult foes. In these cases a more nuanced approach is critical, as running in like an axe-wielding madman will likely to lead to a premature death.

Dying Light 2 is chock full of useful weapons (giant axes, table legs, throwing knives, cricket bats) and they are almost as fun to use as they are abundant. However, quite often, particularly for bosses and GRE Anomaly missions, the environment itself is the most important factor.

dying light 2 combat
Image: Dying Light 2: Stay Human / Techland

Using the environment in Dying Light 2 combat

Your greatest ally in this game’s combat, especially in regards to tougher enemies (bosses, GRE Anomaly missions), is the environment. Using ledges and structures for added protection and higher ground is almost always advantageous. While some enemies can climb (Volatiles) and shoot projectiles (Revenants) distance is almost always preferable to a slugfest.

Certain items/weapons make ranged combat in Dying Light 2 much easier, and a few Molotov cocktails in your inventory is never a bad idea. However, these are single-use items, and as such should be used sparingly.

Rather, the combat of Dying Light 2 has been designed with the environment front and centre. As Techland’s Bartosz Kulon explained:

The City was also built with combat in mind. From this side we also wanted the environment to support the mobility that the player has – so he can use walls, poles, ledges – everything to the player’s advantage. And he can use this advantage to become a powerful tool himself, using the gravity or momentum force to knock down the enemy.

Therefore, to succeed you need to be prepared to weaponise the environment – if an enemy jumps up onto your ledge then hit them back down, if an enemy is shooting you from afar light their safe zone on fire with a Molotov cocktail.

Common opportunity weapons

Lighting bosses and tougher enemies on fire in Dying Light 2 is a solid strategy, but your supply of these sorts of weapons will always be limited. Thankfully there are ‘common opportunity weapons’ placed around challenging encounters such as GRE Anomaly missions and Goons.

But what exactly is meant by ‘common opportunity weapons’? These unique items can’t be placed or stored in your inventory, but can often be found near bosses and specific story missions. The most common examples in Dying Light 2 are spears and explosive canisters.

These items should serve as a warning that a big battle is about to begin, so make a mental note of where they are and prepare yourself. Spears are commonly found around GRE Anomaly missions, while canisters are often in areas populated by Demolishers and Goons.

The kind of common opportunity weapon you will find in a specific area has been put there by the game designers because it will be particularly helpful for that situation; so make sure to use them!

dying light 2
Image: Dying Light 2: Stay Human / Techland

GRE Anomaly missions

GRE Anomaly missions can only be completed during the night cycle, meaning that speed and efficiency are important. If possible, scout out the gated area during the day and make note of the common opportunity weapons that will be at your disposal.

I find it best to rest at the closest safe house you have unlocked (so as to not waste too much Immunity getting to the GRE Anomaly mission area) and then make your way to the zone. This preparation and scouting is really important if you want to succeed in Dying Light 2 combat.

When you arrive be wary of the Revenant enemy which is your main target. Run around the arena throwing any available spears at them. Once out of spears it is best to use hit-and-run melee tactics, as the Revenant’s undead friends can quickly overwhelm you. If in danger be sure to retreat to higher ground and heal.


Dying Light 2 is out February 4, 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch and PC.