Morrissey cancels show due to cold weather, forces 3,000 fans to wait hours in cold weather

It’s the conflict that every fan of Morrissey and The Smiths has to go through. How could the man responsible for such a dazzling, sombre and masterful music catalogue also be the precious buffoon who pulls stunts like this more often than he doesn’t?

Content to ostracise every single one of his fans one by one, Morrissey just cancelled his show in Paso Robles, California because the venue was too chilly.

morrissey the smiths cancelled show

Morrissey has out-Moz’d himself with this latest effort: cancelling his California auditorium gig because the weather was a little chilly.

Concert-goers at the Vina Robles Amphitheatre, capacity 3,000, were told to leave the venue after waiting an hour without announcements. The reason for cancellation was that stage heaters were malfunctioning, meaning Moz and co were forced to play in the 10 degree weather.

Which would be fine to complain about I guess, if the 3,000 people who paid money to see you play weren’t braving the exact same conditions.

In case you were wondering, this brings the total number of shows Morrissey has cancelled since 2014 up to 124. Basically flip a coin when you’re buying a ticket – though we wouldn’t recommend even going that far.

Anyway, here’s a photo of Dave Grohl continuing to play a Foo Fighters show with a broken leg.

Via Consequence of Sound.