‘Ms. Monopoly’ has resurfaced and it’s going viral for all the wrong reasons

Whilst, for the most part, the internet can seem irrevocably divided, there are moments where people unite to tear things to absolute pieces. Following its release last year, Hasbro’s Ms. Monopoly game experienced this first-hand. Now it’s resurfaced on the Twitter-sphere to reignite the everlasting debate of Monopoly’s worth.

It all began when someone reposted an advert for the game, and it’s safe to say the internet has lost its shit.

ms. monopoly

Ms. Monopoly sees the traditional version of the game changed to favour female players in a move which simply comes off as condescending.

“There is no way you’re going to be able to predict what this ad is trying to sell you,” the Twitter user wrote, posting the advert for all to see.

Upon its release, Ms. Monopoly was criticised for its approach which implied women needed special advantages over men, and the game was seen as a corporate attempt to capitalise of feminism. So, how is Ms. Monopoly different from other versions of Monopoly? Well, it has a few changes, including the addition of numerous items invented by women, such as WiFi and chocolate chip cookies.

People have taken to the internet to unite against the game, pointing out the fact that the original iteration of the board game, The Landlord’s Game, was actually created by a woman before it was eventually changed to Monopoly by a man – despite the fact it was created “to demonstrate the rampant inequality caused by capitalist greed.”

The roasts keep rolling in, and they are some of the best the internet has seen.

I mean come on, it’s 2020. How was this game even allowed to be released? I suppose we can thank the capitalist system that tries to be up-to-speed with social issues yet fails miserably.

Whatever you do, just don’t buy this game for a young girl’s birthday. It’ll crush her dreams and sense of reality.