Coles is launching a ‘self-serve doggy treat bar’

If you’re like me and don’t have a pet, you’re probably doing one of two things; crying because this is the coolest thing ever, or thanking yourself for not having to cop the extra expense of a self-serve doggy treat bar which you know you couldn’t resist adding to the weekly grocery shop.

For all those who do have a furry friend at home, you simply have to jump on this as Coles is set to launch pick-n-mix style bars for all your doggo treat needs.

The ‘self-serve doggy treat bar’ was tested out in a Coles store in Hawthorn, VIC and proved to be a major success; now we can expect more of them to appear.

The pick-n-mix bar will reportedly include the likes of “bones, kangaroo tails and chicken bites,” and in addition, Coles has announced a wider variety of pet products to be stocked in-store, as well as their own pet insurance. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty smart move from Coles.

Us Aussies love our pets and according to the RSPCA, over 29 billion domestic pets reside in Australia with 40% of households owning a dog.

Last year, the RSPCA also found that over 60% of dog and cat owners considered their pet a primary member of their family, known as ‘pet-parenting’ behaviours which“resemble parent-child relationships”.

“Around two thirds of pet owners speak to their pets as though they understand what they are saying, and almost half of pet owners let their pets sleep in their bed with them,” they revealed.

Considering Aussies spent over $13 billion on pet services and products last year alone, it’s safe to assume that many are treating their pets like another child in the family. And fair enough! Especially with studies showing dog owners take more photos of their pooches than their partners.

Any time I’m around my family’s dogs I do the same; engaging in conversation with them as if they’re a close and loyal friend. Does that make me crazy? If it does, then I’m surely not alone.