Every new laptop unveiled in MSI’s latest virtual showcase

At their MSIology Virtual Event, MSI have unveiled their next-generation lineup of laptops aimed at gamers, creators, and everyone in between.

As unveiled at their MSIology digital showcase, computer and peripheral manufacturers MSI have unveiled their new lineup of gaming laptops, creator laptops, and everything in between. The new lineup is comprised of upgrades to MSI’s most-loved series, including the Katana, Pulse, and Creator laptops, and then some.

At the core of this new lineup is Intel’s 11th Gen CPUs, which are powering every newly-unveiled laptop. Read on for more info on each new addition to MSI’s hefty laptop range.

MSI Tech meets aesthetic

Creator Z16 / Creator M16

As its name would suggest, the Creator Z16 is the latest from MSI aimed at video producers, streamers, multimedia professionals, and anyone else with a creative lean.  Its main differential is a Finger Touch panel as part of the 16″ QHD display, allowing for an extra level of sensitivity where precise graphical, audio, or video editing is required.

The Creator M16 is a lighter-weight version of the Z16, for those who don’t need as much horsepower under the hood.

Find out more about the Creator Z16 here.

Creator 17

The Creator 17 was also unveiled at the digital showcase, holding a claim to be the world’s first creator laptop with a mini-LED display. Powered by a NVIDIA RTX3080 GPU and delivering crystal-clear 4K resolution, this one’s for those who need to edit footage in ultra HD without slowing down.

Find out more about the Creator 17 here.

GE76 Raider

The ultimate powerhouse of the new lineup, the Raider series has been significantly upgraded from its former self. Both the GE76 and GE66 models are equipped with the Raider’s iconic light bar, and the laptops themselves are powered by NVIDIA 30 series GPUs; 3080 in the GE76, and 3060 in the GE66.

The GS76 is also the world’s first laptop equipped with Wi-Fi 6E, ensuring a smooth connection no matter how busy your network is. A special Dragon edition of the GE76 has also been unveiled, boasting a unique Tiamat-inspired design. Check that out here.

GS76 Stealth

The GS76 brings new levels of performance to the Stealth series, a more lightweight alternative to the Raider. GPU and CPUs have been upgraded, but the flashier updates come via a new silver-hinged design, an improved 240Hz refresh rate, and an increase to battery life for those on the move.

Find out more about the GS76 Stealth laptop here.

GP76 Leopard

The GP76 Leopard is specifically targeted towards engineering designers who require high levels of performance for complex calculations, simulations, and more.

Find out more about the GP76 Leopard here.

Pulse GL76

Another heavyweight gaming notebook, the Pulse series is equipped with a revolutionary six-fan cooling system and powerful hi-res audio capabilities. It’s also streaming-ready with the same Wi-Fi 6E capabilities you’ll find on the GE76 Raider.

For the next-gen gamers or even music producers looking for a laptop that won’t let them down, this could be your best bet. Find out more here.

Katana GF76 / Sword 17

The GF76 is the latest upgrade to MSI’s award-winning and user-favourite Katana Series. It’s not quite as powerful as the chunkiest laptops on this list, but with 11th generation Intel processors and an RTX3060 GPU under the hood, there’s very few games this won’t be able to play comfortably.

The Sword 17 is a unique white model with similar specs, designed by legendary Japanese illustrator Tsuyoshi Nagano.

Find out more the Katana GF76 here and the Sword 17 here.