Aussie musicians are pissed off about Hillsong hosting what is pretty much a festival

Hillsong continued to sing and dance moments after music festivals were cancelled due to NSW COVID restrictions banning singing and dancing.

Artists and fans in NSW are talking absolute trash about Hillsong after videos of the church enjoying what is essentially a mosh pit arise.

Looks like Hillsong are in big trouble. Oh no wait that’s right, they’re a religious organisation, they’ll be fine.

Credit- Hillsong Facebook

Bands and artists like The Jungle Giants and Yours Truly have gone to social media to slam Hillsong.

“Thinking about starting a church in NSW so we can play some gigs. Who’s in?” The Jungle Giants posted on their Facebook.

Sydney pop-rock due Lime Cordiale also chimed in saying: “There are rules in place that just aren’t right,”

“Festivals, clubs and pubs are closed while Hillsong are getting close and sweaty … confusing?,”

The band even went as far as creating a collaged photo of a whole bunch of our favourite Aussie acts and shared it on Instagram with the caption:

“So we’ve joined a new band called Thrillsong!

Yeah it’s a supergroup that only plays at churches and sporting events. But boy do they go off!”



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At this stage, NSW Health has politely requested that Hillsong stop partying and carrying on but that’s all. It doesn’t seem like there will be any fines or repercussions as Hillsong are protected as a religious service.

However, Health Minister Brad Hazzard said: “This event is clearly in breach of both the spirit and intent of the order, which is in place to help keep the community safe,” 

An NSW Police spokesperson said they would: “liaise with organisers of an event … to ensure future compliance with the public health orders after NSW Health deemed the location to be a major recreational facility.”

Neither organisation would comment about potential fines or even if the event will be cancelled.

Like, we’re shocked but we’re not, you know?

In another unsurprising twist, Hillsong is defending themselves by saying the summer camp is “not similar to a music festival in any way”.

Yeah, right. Whatever you have to tell yourself to make sure you’re getting into heaven.

The group stated on their website that they’re committed to holding “COVID safe Summercamps” and “all activities will be conducted in line with government health orders and applicable COVID safety plans”.

*COVID safe cough* bullshit *COVID safe cough*.