Watch the moment Logan Paul realised he spent $3.5 million on fake Pokémon cards

Logan Paul, internet provocateur and general dickhead, recently bought $3.5 million USD worth of Pokémon cards, only to discover that they were in fact repackaged GI Joe cards. Pika-fuckin’-chu.

Logan Paul loves winning against the odds. His internet persona is largely based on pissing everyone off to the point they are rooting against him, only to snatch a win and prove the haters wrong. Or to put it another way he’s a big ol’ troll. Unfortunately, at least for him, he has just found himself on the receiving end of a knockout blow in the form of a fraudulent box of Pokémon cards.

According to his own account of events, which he chose to transmit to his 23.2 million YouTube subscribers, Logan Paul purchased $3.5 million USD worth of Pokémon cards after an authenticator advised him that the packaging appeared authentic. Although as Paul soon found out, appearances aren’t everything.

logan paul fake pokemon
Image: Logan Paul / YouTube

Opening the large box of trading cards, Paul and his crew of sycophants quickly discovered some alarming signs. Various card packets appeared to have been tampered with, and on closer inspection they didn’t contain any legitimate Pokémon cards. In a matter of minutes his quirky investment had disappeared faster than Team Rocket in the middle of a Pokémon heist.

But what was actually in all those attractive little booster packs? Surely there would at least be a few amusing fake monsters to gawk at, you know a Charizard with a lightbulb for a head or something.

Oh my god, bro…GI Joe? GI Joe? GI Joe? It could have been anything else!

logan paul gi joe
Image: Logan Paul / YouTube

That’s right, in lieu of cute pocket monsters, the packets had been stuffed with bullshit, military-loving American propaganda. Or as the card-authenticating ‘friend’ of Logan Paul quickly remarked: “We all got duped…Agreed?

Agreed; and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer pack of gronks.

Currently it isn’t clear if Logan Paul has any recourse to reclaim his money. But if truth be told, he could just organise another bogus fight against some washed-up MMA star and bathe in those sweet, sweet ‘winnings’.