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Call ‘Detective Pikachu’! A real life ‘Pokémon’ heist has just gone down

In a move that would make Team Rocket proud, someone has attempted a real life Pokémon heist. Although in this case the target wasn’t Pikachu, but rather trading cards.

Pokémon cards are still immensely valuable. I’m talking valuable enough to buy a house with. And as it turns out, valuable enough to risk jail time over.

A 28 year-old Japanese man has recently been arrested for an elaborate attempt to steal a bunch of Pokémon trading cards. This is no run-of-the-mill burglary either, this is the kind of Pokémon heist that iconic Team Rocket duo Jesse and James would be proud of. Although unfortunately for the prospective thief, his plans have turned out to be similarly ill-fated.

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According to a report in Japanese newspaper The Mainichi, the young man Kensuke Nakanishi is suspected of using a rope to abseil down a building’s exterior, then breaking into a fifth story trading card store located in Tokyo. I say suspected, but in truth the man seems to be rather proud of his attempt.

Speaking to police, Nakanishi claimed “I was in the rock climbing club in high school, so I wasn’t afraid of heights”, and that he was motivated to perform this act “to pay off a debt”.

Police found Nakanishi through video surveillance footage, which suggests that his exit strategy wasn’t quite up to scratch. Pokemon‘s Team Rocket was famous for their giant hot air balloon, and I can’t help but think that it was sorely missing from this whole situation.

The total value of the stolen property, which included Pokémon cards, YU-GI-OH cards, and cash, is reported to have been upwards of $9000 USD. Nothing to scoff at, but I can tell from that valuation alone there wasn’t a shiny Charizard card found in the thief’s collection of ill-gotten goods. If you ever manage to get your hands on one of those babies you’ll probably be able to afford your own private jet. Speaking of which…


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