Tom Fublé reminisces a road trip romance with his dazzling video for ‘Photographs’

Tom Fublé captures the nostalgic essence of travel and young love on a sweepingly beautiful new video for his buoyant track Photographs.

An idyllic road trip during an Aussie summer is what nostalgic dreams are made of. Sydney based producer Tom Fublé knows how to pull the heart strings with a warming low-fi, textural appeal. Photographs is a modern track that feels like part of the mid-2010’s circuit. A club friendly soundscape with a universal message about the muscle memory of a time now gone.

Taking to the screen, the love story is fleshed out in an offical music video drenched in rays. You’ll be flicking through those Polaroids of Contiki 2012 all afternoon.

Opening with a glowing shot of Tom Fublé himself, we start where most bouts of FOMO being, in ones own bedroom. A shiny purple lens rinses the present moment sequence with a nocturnal glow to contrast even more starkly with the bright, light memories that tell the love story.

Dotted along some familiar coasts lines and woven between the vineyards of NSW’s Hunter Valley wine region, each shot is eye candy. You almost prepare yourself for the clip to turn into a tourist ad as the entire four-minute shoot invites you to pack your car and head elsewhere.

“The team and I had such a blast shooting ‘Photographs’, I really felt I was travelling again.  We had some fun shoots in the Hunter Valley and on some nice Australia beaches; Little Bay & Catherine Hill Bay,” Fublé explains.


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Tom Fublé’s vocals are treated with all the tech-genius of a producer that knows how to bend the truth with an exciting effect. A snapshot of Fublé’s wide and deeply moving calibre, Photographs swirls around the earholes like the video’s protagonist pair drives around the countryside.

“It was super fun to work with Jemma Antonios, the lead actress.  I loved her dedication and enthusiasm on set,” he says. “Joe from The Moment Catcher really did a great job on this production.  His attention to detail was impeccable.  His shot selection was on point and really helped bring this summer love story to life”

Each joyous crescendo kicks into a fuzzy, dance inspired chorus. Slipping away into the softer tones with hollowed out beats, Fublé brings the story back to the present day, reminiscing on sunnier times.

A clip of warmth and fun was directed and captured by Joe of The Moment Catcher, we dare you not to feel a yearning for summer love.

Enjoy the full track on Spotify here, and the video for Photographs below: