Get ready to dance: must-see acts at Dream Machine Bali

With its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and top-tier music lineup, Dream Machine Bali is the ultimate destination for those seeking a tropical escape.

Dream Machine is set to be the ultimate destination for partygoers and dance enthusiasts, offering a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience. Expect to be transported to a world of vibrant colours, stunning visual effects, and cutting-edge music that will keep you moving all night long.

From the moment you arrive, you will be engulfed by the pulsating beats and energetic atmosphere that Dream Machine is famous for. With a lineup of top DJs and artists, you can expect nothing less than an unforgettable night of music, dance, and pure sensory overload.

dream machine

From the electrifying synth sounds of Harvey Sutherland to the genre-blending Korean-Australian rap crew 1300, this festival promises an unforgettable experience for music lovers and party animals alike. Happy Mag has curated a lineup of must-sees at this three-day festival, so without further do, let’s get into it.



1300, the Korean-Australian rap crew that’s taking the Aussie hip-hop scene by storm. These guys are transcending genre and elevating the voices of Asian artists in ways we’ve never seen before. With a lineup that includes rappers Rako and Goyo, rapper-singer-dancer Dali Hart, producer-singer Nerdie, and producer Pokari.sweat, 1300 is a force to be reckoned with. With 1300, we’re seeing a new face of hip-hop emerge in Australia, one that’s diverse, forward-thinking, and unapologetically fresh.

So if you’re looking for something that’ll blow your mind and leave you wanting more, this is your crew. Their latest mixtape, Foreign Language, is a triumph, blending together the sounds of abrasive Soundcloud rap, sweat-drenched electronic beats, and the breakneck pace of ’90s breakbeat. And let’s not forget the stunning visuals that accompany the music – their music videos are truly captivating.

Harvey Sutherland

Harvey Sutherland Boy

Harvey Sutherland is a synth lord who has been making waves in the electronic music scene for several years. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Sutherland’s music is a heady mix of disco, funk, house, and soul, all fused together with his signature synthesizer sound. With a deep understanding of groove and meticulous attention to detail, Sutherland has become a master of crafting infectious dancefloor jams that keep the party going well into the night.

On the dance floor, you can expect to be taken on a journey through sound with Harvey Sutherland. His live shows are a dazzling display of musical prowess, with Sutherland playing keys and synths alongside his bandmates. From start to finish, his sets are a masterclass in how to get a crowd moving, with hypnotic basslines, shimmering chords, and irresistible rhythms that are impossible to resist. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a casual music lover, Harvey Sutherland’s music is sure to get your feet tapping and your hips swaying. So if you’re looking for a night of non-stop dancing and infectious beats, be sure to catch Harvey Sutherland at his next live show.

Spacey Jane

Spacey Jane
Credit: Sam Hendel

If you haven’t experienced a Spacey Jane live show, you’re in for a treat. The Fremantle quartet’s electrifying performances are the stuff of legend, filled with soaring choruses, driving rhythms, and frontman Caleb Harper’s irresistible stage presence. From the moment the band takes the stage, the energy is palpable, and the crowd becomes a sea of bodies moving to the beat. Fans can expect to be swept up in the moment, singing along to every word, as Spacey Jane delivers hit after hit with the kind of unbridled enthusiasm that’s become their trademark.

And with new music on the way, there’s never been a better time to catch this rising indie rock sensation live. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the Spacey Jane experience – you won’t regret it.

Winston Surfshirt

winston surfshirt apple crumble

Sydney’s Winston Surfshirt is the kind of band that music lovers dream of discovering. With two dreamy albums under their belt and a dedicated fanbase that spans the globe, this six-piece collective is an unassuming cult hero of the R&B-soul scene. Led by the charismatic Winston Surfshirt, the band embodies a vintage kind of rock stardom that’s driven less by ego and more by a deep desire to share their music with the world. And boy, do they ever deliver.

From the irresistible grooves of “Be About You” to the impeccably produced hits on Sponge Cake and Apple Crumble, Winston Surfshirt’s warm, modern take on classic soul has won them legions of fans – including none other than Elton John, who calls them his “favourite band of the moment”. Winston Surfshirt’s organic percussion and warm textures are the perfect accompaniment to the band’s irresistible melodies.

Vera Blue

Vera Blue Greenpeace

Vera Blue is a chameleon of a musician, capable of shape-shifting from a classic folk singer to a moody electronica artist with effortless ease. With a childhood steeped in the timeless sounds of ’60s and ’70s folk and pop, Pavey was born to sing. But what sets her apart from other singer-songwriters is her restless need to push boundaries and incorporate new sounds into her music. Her collaboration with sibling producers Andy and Thom Mak yielded results, as the EP Fingertips and the full-length album Perennial demonstrated a new and thrilling direction for her music.

But that’s not all – Pavey’s versatile voice also caught the attention of Flume, resulting in the dance hit “Rushing Back” that shot up the charts. And her live performances? They’re a sight to behold, whether she’s headlining her own shows or supporting the likes of Flume and Maggie Rogers. Vera Blue is a true artist, constantly exploring new frontiers in music and proving that there are no limits to what she can achieve.

Tori Levett

tori Levitt

Tori Levett is a multi-talented artist who’s become a leading force in Sydney’s electronic bass scene. Not only does she showcase her turntable skills as a DJ, but she also produces her own music and flexes her vocal cords. Levett has already locked down significant features and collaborations with an impressive roster of international producers such as Zeds Dead and NGHTMRE. Her live shows are the stuff of legend, and those lucky enough to witness them can attest to the eclectic blend of heavy bass house, trap, hip hop, and dubstep she brings to the table.

Levett has shared stages with an array of heavyweights, including Quix, Subtronics, Shockone, and What So Not, and has played to packed crowds at festivals across the globe, from Australia to Bali, New Zealand, Japan, and Malaysia.

Northeast Party House

Northeast Party House

Melbourne’s Northeast Party House are renowned for their lively and infectious music that’ll make you wanna move. This six-piece band was birthed from an epic, two-week-long house party, which is a fitting origin story for a group whose sound is so unapologetically energetic. After a two-year hiatus, they’ve returned with their latest single, “Magnify,” a groovy and catchy tune that showcases their signature blend of indie, pop, and dance. With its upbeat rhythms and irresistible hooks, “Magnify” is a welcome addition to their already impressive discography. Expect Northeast Party House to keep the party going with their infectious live performances and undeniably danceable tunes.

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear

Boy & Bear are the epitome of staying power, a force to be reckoned with in the world of Australian indie music. Their unwavering commitment to their craft and ability to strike a chord with audiences worldwide have earned them a legacy that continues to flourish. What started as a solo project for songwriter Dave Hosking, grew into a fully-fledged musical project that saw the addition of Killian Gavin, Tim and Jon Hart, Jake Tarasenko, and Dave Symes. Their success was set in stone with 2011’s Moonfire, but Boy & Bear were not content to rest on their laurels. Two #1 ARIA charting albums, world tours, and performances at iconic Australian venues and festivals followed. The timing is perfect for Boy & Bear to make their return, with their charismatic and warm presence ready to envelop fans once again.



ILLY’s music is a testament to his ability to lean into the unknown and embrace new sonic inspirations. His evolution from Australian hip hop champion to one of the country’s most dynamic pop artists is a testament to his versatility as a songwriter and performer. He established himself as one of Australian hip hop’s integral triumphs alongside the Hilltop Hoods, bringing the genre to mainstream success that has been maintained. ILLY’s upcoming seventh studio album features ‘Like You,’ a single that showcases his reinvigorated confidence and pure instinct for the craft. The track was birthed from recent writing sessions with DMA’S songwriter Johnny Took and Peking Duk’s Reuben Styles. Buoyed by vocal harmonies layered over a slick pairing of EDM and a driving acoustic guitar, ‘Like You’ never loses its sense of self-awareness or fun. With a new ILLY record on the horizon, there’s no telling just how far this next era will take him.

Client Liaison

Client Liason

Client Liaison invites you to experience a ‘Divine Intervention,’ an otherworldly journey that promises to lead you to a more positive and enlightened life. Monte and Harvey, your celestial guides, have crafted a new album that quenches your insatiable desire for excess and introduces you to a new way of living. The album, available for pre-order now, features 14 tracks, including previously released favourites ‘The Real Thing,’ ‘The Beat Supreme,’ ‘Champagne Affection,’ and ‘Intervention,’ as well as new single ‘House of Holy.’ To spread the word about their new record, Client Liaison is bringing their iconic stage show to a city near you. Having cemented themselves as festival favourites and performing to sold-out crowds on their 2019 ‘The Real Thing National Tour,’ this will be an otherworldly return to the dance floor that you won’t want to miss. Get ready to be transported to new heights with Client Liaison’s ‘Divine Intervention.’

Mell Hall

Mell Hall Dream Machine

Mell Hall is a Melbourne-based DJ whose name has become synonymous with disco, funk, and house. With an impressive list of festivals under her belt, including Beyond The Valley and side by side, Mell is the go-to for some of the biggest names in the business such as Disclosure, Basement Jaxx, and Todd Terry. But Mell isn’t just a master of the turntables, she’s also a skilled producer. Last year, she was tapped by Club Sweat to remix David Penn and Milk & Sugar’s “Happy People,” and the success of that remix led to her putting her own disco spin on one of the biggest dance records of 2020, “Energy” by Stace Cadet and KLP. Mell’s DJ sets are known for their signature disco edits that are guaranteed to get the crowd moving. And with her debut single “Knock Knock” just around the corner, Mell Hall is poised to take the disco world by storm. So put on your dancing shoes and get ready to groove to the beat of Mell Hall’s infectious sound.

Dream Machine Bali promises a tropical escape like no other, complete with stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and unforgettable live music. From daily pool parties to beach club bashes, and nighttime events with top-notch performers. But it’s not just about the music – Dream Machine Bali offers a chance to relax, connect with like-minded people, and make unforgettable memories in paradise. With daily yoga classes, ocean swims, and poolside lounging, it’s the ultimate destination for those looking to live their best life. So pack your bags, grab your dancing shoes, and get ready for the ultimate tropical getaway.

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