Bella Hadid and MC Abdul feature in Mustafa’s newest single release ‘Gaza Is Calling’

Mustafa’s friendship knows no bounds on ‘Gaza Is Calling’, a new single contributing to relief efforts in Palestine. 

Mustafa has released his latest single, a stirring reflection on war-torn friendship titled ‘Gaza Is Calling’.

The track is produced by Nicholas Jaar, with all proceeds going to Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Mustafa single 'Gaza Is Calling'

‘Gaza Is Calling’ was first written in 2022, and arrives today alongside an official music video starring Bella Hadid and MC Abdul. The song sees Mustafa reflect on a friendship he had with a Gazan boy while growing up in Toronto.

In a press statement, the poet and musician described the friendship as “one of the deepest loves I’ve ever known,” detailing how the violence within both their new home and his native Gaza “didn’t allow us to continue as partners in this life.”

mustafa gaza is calling

Gaza Is Calling’ features nostalgic Arabic string samples, Oud instrumentals, and Mustafa singing in autotuned Arabic. “Every time I say your name,” Mustafa croons in his trademark hushed gentle vocals, “there’s a wall that’s in the way.”

The music video, conceptualised by Poor Things star Ramy Youseff, likewise details an enduring friendship, with shots of the Palestinian territory of West Bank.

Both the song and the video add to Mustafa’s continuing quest to give voice to silenced minority groups, in keeping with his broader discography of activism and protest songs. 

In January, Mustafa was one of multiple artists to perform at the Artists for Aid Benefit Concert for Gaza and Sudan, joining the lineup alongside the likes of Daniel Caesar, Omar Apollo and Faye Webster.

Elsewhere, he released his latest single, ‘Imaan’ in March, with his debut album ‘When The Smoke Rises’ arriving in 2021. 

Listen to Mustafa’s new single ‘Gaza Is Calling’ below, and head here to find out more about the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.