My Chemical Romance have returned and honoured lost fans at show

My Chemical Romance is one of the landmark bands from the 2000’s and they’ve done the seemingly impossible: gotten back together and honoured lost fans while doing so.

My Chemical Romance is a name known by many. The New Jersey band may not be the preferred music for some, but their name is almost synonymous with the almighty emo culture, despite breaking up in 2013. Now, almost 10 years on, their black parade hasn’t just returned, they’re playing live and may even release an album.

MCR, as the cool kids say, filled a gap missing in music when they formed, and they quickly became a global sensation. The Black Parade, the band’s third album from 2007 sold over 4 million units worldwide. It certainly felt like everyone I knew either had a black or white copy of the album.

My Chemical Romance
Credit: Paul Harries

However, a lot of time has passed since My Chemical Romance broke up. Not everyone who loved those albums are still here to see their favourite band back together. Something we all thought would never happen. To commemorate this, fans from around the world have reached out and given names of loved ones who, since the band reformed, are no longer alive to see them play live. The names were then put on a flag to be waved with pride.

Social media has its obvious downfalls, but in moments like this, it’s a blessing to be so connected.

It was at the band’s most recent show in Milton Keynes, UK, that a fan gave singer Gerard Way the flag which he held up to a roar from their loyal fanbase. Speaking to the crowd, Way said: “..it occurred to me later after the second show, that there was a bunch of people that were probably gonna be at these shows that aren’t here with us anymore.”

“And I think it was yesterday, a friend of mine told me that there were some people on the internet that had gotten a list as best they could of names of people that were gonna come to the shows.”

The person responsible, Emmy, explained: “I received over 250 messages and learnt about the lives of many incredible mcr fans who aren’t with us anymore.”

The band has received rave reviews from their latest shows since reforming and they appear to only just be getting started. In honour of those no longer with us, let us all welcome back the Black Parade.