Aussie trio, My Personal Best, are a sonic rainbow of serotonin

My Personal Best, pour a glimmering stream of gold into the sound waves with latest alt-indie track, For Me Now.

There is nothing more enlightening than music that saturates you with the feeling of colour and daydreamy echoes – My Personal Best is the very epitome of that.

The mysterious Aussie-trio have risen from the burrows with their debut track, For Me Nowa gorgeously hypnotic track that drips of pastel tones.

The bunnies united in the midst of the 2020 lockdowns, painting a catalogue of happy songs for sad situations. And in perfect timing, For Me Now oozes with lighthearted harmonies, electric riffs and a carefree sense of freedom.

The track trickles along the slippery swirl of Of Monsters and Men, Foster The People with vocals like honey-tone of Lily Allen. There is a reason why the group have named themselves My Personal Best. Every layer of the track glistens with a sense of hope and brightness – intended as an anthem for those who have suffered relentless bullying.

We are so excited to begin this journey, we’ve been working really hard on this for quite a while and hope the music connects in the weird and wonderful ways we’ve found it has through the creative process” the trio describe.


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The sound consumes you like a breath of fresh are and gusto. A rosy bass riff melts in the pool of strings and drum beats, swirling in lake of all that is flourishing. The sound creates shapes in the clouds with ease.

As the track illuminates with it’s climatic ending, the sound bursting with an array of trumpets and chorus, making you sway the body without even trying.

Whilst burdened by the weight of lockdown, it is suddenly become a lot easier to reach My Personal Best. As we wait for the trio to emerge on the stage, bunny ears and all, we have For Me Now to get us through the rainy days to inevitably come.

Check out the debut single below: