Myxi Bun fulfils her wanderlust on new single ‘Bitch, I need a Holiday’

Eora artist Myxi Bun has her sights set on summer getaways on the resplendent new single, Bitch, I need a Holiday.  

It’s that time of year when the call of a faraway escape grows especially loud, and Myxi Bun has fulfilled our collective wanderlust with her new single, Bitch, I need a Holiday.

Offering the sonic equivalent of an island getaway, the track brims with tropical electronic flairs and tribal chant sound effects, as punctuated by Myxi Bun’s unique vocal delivery. 

Myxi Bun 'Holiday'

At any given time during her performance, the Eroa/Sydney musician flits between Duffy-esque vocal fry and something altogether more brooding, proving her voice is an instrument all unto itself.

The distinctness of her timbre remains a compelling throughline throughout Holiday, with its inherent sweetness offering a simmering counterpart to the track’s lush production. 

Here, Myxi Bun deploys staple house elements, from the tinkle of xylophone-like keys to a steady rhythm that crescendos to symphonic levels on the chorus.

Myxi Bun 'Holiday'

Steering clear of heavy beats and flashy bass drops, Myxi Bun instead offers something subtler, with the simplistic build-up delivered cathartically, like the fizz of a summertime cocktail. 

The sparseness of the production contributes to Holiday’s leisurely feel, with a brisk runtime that never overstays its welcome and makes it feel blissfully ephemeral.

It would’ve been easy for Myxi Bun to oversaturate the track with needless production flairs, but her restraint on Holiday stands as a testament to the subtlety and richness of her artistry. 

The lyrics, which are hilariously blunt and to-the-point, are delivered in the form of earwormy refrains and infectious melodies, with the titular statement destined to be hummed in your head for days.

Myxi Bun 'Holiday'

“Wish that I could fly away,” she coos, “wish I could just escape.” It’s a universal feeling, and while Myxi Bun herself might not have fulfilled her wish, Holiday is about as close to a sonic vacation as you could hope for. 

“I wrote this track imagining I was on a lovely tropical island as a way of psychologically escaping the miserable daily grind,” Myxi Bun explained in a press statement. “It’s got the cute summer vibe with the undertones of darkness.” 

Go jet-setting with Myxi Bun’s resplendent new single Bitch, I need a Holiday below.

Photos by Michael Muir.