Native Instruments and iZotope join forces: what does it mean for music makers?

In a surprise move, two of the biggest players in modern audio, iZotope and Native Instruments, have decided to team up. What does it mean for the future?

Separately, Native Instruments and iZotope look like equally resounding successes, with products from both easily recognisable in studios and on DAW screens all over the world. The two, however, have decided to join forces. So what could it all mean for the future?

Well, that’s pretty unclear for the moment. Yet, the possibilities that partnership presents — iZotope with its flair for creative and practical software solutions, and Native Instruments with its pedigree in hardware — are pretty exciting for audio creators.

Native Instruments

The joint venture will form what the two call a “new music and audio creator group.” And, a little confusingly, the joint statement goes onto say that, “Native Instruments and iZotope will continue to exist independently, with our own leadership, teams, brands, and product lines.” So what gives?

Well, it’s not the first time that the two have got their collab on. A couple of years back, iZotope made Ozone 9 NKS compatible, allowing users to intuitively control Ozone via a Native Instruments controller.


The mission seems to be summed up as such: the partnership will enhance the musician’s ability, “To take an idea out of their head and put it into the world, or to put the finishing touches on their project.” In other words, a way for the combined expertise of both companies to be involved in your project every step of the way.

Head over to iZotope for the full statement.