Landscapers are earning a fortune by transferring their skills to ‘Minecraft’

We’ve come a long way from selling  relationships on Runescape. Landscapers are taking their services to Minecraft, and it pays well.

Find yourself second guessing your design choices? Struggling to find time to tend to your pixelated plants? Does your Minecraft home lack a certain je ne sais quoi?

Do not fear, the Minecraft landscapers are here, and they’re currently advertising their help on the UK’s leading shed buyers and blogging website WhatShed.

Minecraft Landscaping
Photo: Reddit

Just like real landscaping services, a virtual employee will visit your home and conduct a one-hour consultation. After the landscaper has inspected your property, they’ll provide you with feedback about your Minecraft feng shui.

Promising to fulfil your Minecraft dreams, the consultation will also include hot tips to improve your skills as well as real-time solutions to bring your e-property to life. The best part? They promise to stay within your Minecoin budget.

Not only will they pimp your crib, they will also provide you with future designs, so you can switch up your aesthetic whenever you feel like it.

We won’t lie, it does seem a little silly, especially seeing as the main feature of Minecraft is to explore your own creativity through building. In essence it seems like you’re paying someone else to play the game for you. However, we’re sure that they’ll attract some buyers who want to flex their Minecraft properties to their friends.

Does this sound like something you could do? Well you’re in luck, there’s a job opening. Applicants should possess a creative flare, a working knowledge of Minecraft, plus a passion for gardening and the outdoors.

Responsibilities of the role would include evaluating the client’s set up, and the ability to provide the best service to the client while remaining in their budget. You will also need to explain and justify your design choices to the client, whilst providing them with several designs to choose from.

Successful applicants will be able to work remotely, and earn upwards of £50 ($90 AUD) per hour. If you’re interested in working for them, applications are open here.