New ‘Minecraft’ movie starring Jason Momoa?

We’d completely forgotten about the Minecraft movie announcement from 2014, but it seems as though Jason Momoa will star in it.

Jason Momoa is exploring everything that Warner Bros. has to offer by lining up for another one of their exciting endeavours; a Minecraft movie.

The actor, known for his role in Aquaman, Justice League, and Dune, is in the final stages of negotiations to appear in a movie adaption of the world-renowned video game Minecraft.

Jason momoa Minecraft
Image: Jason Momoa

The Hollywood Report revealed that the negotiations for the live-action adaption have been in the decision stage for years. Unfortunately, as it is live-action, we won’t be seeing a blocky Momoa.

The project is being directed by Jared Hess, whose original work includes the likes of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre starring Jack Black.

minecraft movie
Image: Minecraft

Following on from the success of video game, fandom-esque movie types like Sonic the Hedgehog, Free Guy, and Detective Pikachu, does a Minecraft adaption belong in the movie space as well?

The main question on everyone’s lips is how the studio will transition between the game and live actions.

Minecraft itself has no specific storyline, and that’s by design. The space has been created for players to establish their own story within their own unique world or a world they share with others.

There is a spin-off series called Minecraft: Dungeons which does have some sort of story to it. The main plot is to defeat the evil Arch-Illager and many other enemies to save the villages that have been captured. Maybe it’ll follow that?

minecraft dungeons
Image: Minecraft Dungeons

Though that might be the easiest bet, Minecraft Dungeons came out in 2020 and work for this live adaption started back in 2014. It’s safe to assume that a storyline for a Minecraft movie might already exist.

Minecraft is a creative game where players can shape the world and its story to their liking. This means that the concept for the movie could literally be anything.

We’re intrigued by what this becomes, so stay tuned for more!