Chief of War: Jason Momoa coming for the colonists in Apple TV+ show

Jason Momoa is set to write, executive produce and star in Chief of War – an upcoming Apple TV+ series centred on the conflict between indigenous Hawaiians and colonists.

Chief of War is an upcoming Apple TV+ series that will see action star Jason Momoa also try his hand at the more cerebral task of screenwriting. The show reportedly focuses on the historical conflict between indigenous Hawaiians and Western colonists.

In 1778, Captain James Cook (the same man who ‘discovered’ Australia) made contact with the native population of Hawaii. Hawaii had remained isolated from the rest of the world for roughly 500 years before this meeting.

jason momoa chief of war
Image: See / Apple TV+

Chief of War will seemingly focus on how the interactions between the two cultures progressed from relatively positive to catastrophic, first for Captain Cook (he was killed and deboned) and then for the native population (war and colonisation).

Jason Momoa is a native Hawaiin, born in Honolulu in 1979, and it appears Chief of War is quite a personal project to him. Momoa was credited as a co-writer for the 2014 film Road to Paloma, which also focuses on the plight of indigenous peoples.

Chief of War will be the second Jason Momoa led production for Apple TV+, coming after the success of 2019’s post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic See. The second season of See debuted in 2021, and a third season has already been announced.

How historically accurate Chief of War will be isn’t clear, but considering Jason Momoa’s strengths, we think it’s fair to assume there will be a heavy dose of action and conflict. The show is rumoured to take place in 1795.

Jason Momoa currently has a hectic schedule, with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Fast and Furious 10 confirmed and at various stages of production.

Currently, there is no release date for Chief of War. When it does eventually arrive, we hope it fulfils the potential of its intriguing subject; it’s a fascinating period in history and a story that needs to be told.