Watch this well-behaved doggo tell her sister off for causing havoc

A TikTok video has gone viral showing one very good girl giving her sister a big scare as she was caught misbehaving.

Turns out dogs are just as likely to dob on their brothers and sisters as your own siblings are.

A video posted by the account @paprikapup is now a viral sensation after the user’s dog, Paprika was caught disciplining their other pup, Nutmeg, for jumping on the lounge with a dog bowl in her mouth.

Paprikapup TikTok
Credit: Paprikapup/TikTok

As soon as Nutmeg tries to get comfy, Paprika gives her a stern talking to, barking and scaring the bejesus out of her, causing her to jump off the lounge and drop the bowl in a state of pure fear.

The pups’ owners had a big ol’ cackle at the interaction, which has amassed more than six million views already.


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As usual the comments on the video are popping off, with one user writing, “She called her by her government name 😂. Another commented, “Black Lab: don’t make me come up there. Yellow Lab: Yes ma’am”.

We’re just hoping “snitches get stitches” doesn’t apply in these circumstances because we’re Paprika’s biggest fans.