Naya Rivera’s sister and ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, move in together to help raise her son

“It helps him that he’s not alone with Josey. He’s very grateful for her.” The ex-husband and sister of Naya Rivera are currently living together to care for her 5-year-old son.

Nearly three months on from the tragic passing of actress Naya Rivera, it has been announced that her ex-husband, actor Ryan Dorsey, and her sister Nickayla will be living together to help raise her son. A source close to Dorsey leaked to information to People Magazine, stating, “Ryan is a great dad, but Josey needs a mother figure in his life too.”

The former Glee star tragically passed away while boating with her now 5-year-old son, Josey, back in July. Although the circumstances of her death are inconclusive, it is believed that Rivera drowned while swimming in the strong currents, using the last of her energy to help her son back onboard.

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Taking to Instagram, Nickayla Rivera confirmed the rumours, informing fans that the arrangement was purely made to aid her nephew and that her and Dorsey were not romantically involved. “In the darkest time of my life, the only thing that is important is my friends & family,” she wrote.

“Showing up for my nephew, even though I can’t show up for myself. I’m not concerned with the way things look because no one can see each agonising moment we all endure. What matters most I’ve learned, is to show compassion, not to judge others, & never take a moment of life for granted. I hope you all do the same.” 

People Magazine reported that Dorsey still “very much struggles” with Rivera’s passing. “It helps him that he’s not alone with Josey. He’s very grateful for her,” they write. Naya and Dorsey were married for four years before divorcing in 2018. Their son Josey was born in 2015.

Rivera is the third star to tragically pass away from the hit television series Glee. Cory Monteith died from a lethal overdose of alcohol and heroin in 2013, while Mark Salling committed suicide after pleading guilty to child pornography charges two years ago.