Nebraska man goes viral after impassioned speech about why boneless wings should be renamed

A Nebraska resident has taken to the stand at his town hall to rally against boneless wings, claiming they are just “saucy nugs”.

The classification of food is often a heated topic. Is a hotdog a sandwich? Is cereal soup? Are ravioli just mini calzones? Are boneless wings just saucy chicken nuggets?

This last question is a particularly sore spot for Ander Christensen, a Nebraska resident who decided to attend his local town meeting in order to argue that the term “boneless wing” is a blight on society and that it should be banished from menus worldwide.

Boneless Wings

Christensen approached the podium at the Lincoln City Council meeting, of which his father is Councilmen, to exclaim “Lincoln has the opportunity to be a leader in this country,” before launching into a two minutes anti-boneless chicken wing speech.

Boneless chicken wings are just chicken tenders which are already boneless. I don’t go and order boneless tacos, I don’t go and order boneless club sandwiches, I don’t ask for boneless auto-repair,” Christensen states before listing a series of alternate names including buffalo-style chicken tenders, wet tenders, and saucy nugs.

Ultimately, words on a page can’t do justice to the confidence and passion of his speech. The only way to truly understand is to watch the video below. Thankfully the meeting was being live streamed.

Christensen has a solid argument for the eradication of the boneless wing, but other food debates are not always so simple. In order to settle the “Is a hotdog a sandwich?” debate, an online food enthusiast created the ingenious Cube Rule of Food to finally put the argument to bed.

The Cube Rule of Food

Christensen has set up an email account dedicated to the rise of the saucy nug. If you want to be involved you can email ideas to [email protected] We can only hope that the boneless wing is eliminated swiftly and replaced by saucy nugs worldwide.