Sui Zhen transports to a quirky world with Secretly Susan

Need some Rancho Relaxo time? Let Sui Zhen lure you into the weird and wonderful world of Secretly Susan

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With a combination of smooth, dulcet tones and the kind of harmonies that send you into a wave of complete relaxation, Becky Sui Zhen, the Melbourne-based musical mastermind known to us all simply as Sui Zhen, takes you on a journey of emotions with her latest release Secretly Susan.  From the moment you hit play, you’ll find yourself taking a musical ride of exotic sounds – some quite possibly 80s inspired – and lyrics that are perfectly suited to the tones of each beautifully crafted song.

Sui Zhen Secretly Susan

On her second full-length effort, Secretly Susan, Sui Zhen masterfully weaves together notes of sun and wind in a quirky, colourful musical journey

Whilst still encompassing the classic Sui Zhen undertones of myriad sounds that everyone has come to love, Secretly Susan could be described as an extension of her 2012 release Two Seas, with the elements of musical and personal growth strikingly prominent.

The opening track Teenage Years takes you to a deserted beach. With the perfect amount of sun and wind, and with the softest of harmonies, you’ll find yourself completely relaxed and at one with your place in life. Flowing perfectly into Hangin’ On, Sui Zhen is careful to ensure your calm is perfectly intact.

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Take It All Back brings the vibe to a much deeper level with some bass tones and meaningful lyrics to suit. From here, all the way through to Going Away the journey is somewhat deeper than the beginning of the musical happy hour that is Secretly SusanWalk Without Me brings us to a slight change of tempo, and will most probably take you to a place in your mind not too far removed from the 70s psychedelic era of peace sign frangipani head bands.

This vibe continues throughout Infinity Street, and takes a slight left turn to something a little more exotic on Safari.  Picture yourself walking through a desert, warm sand at your feet and exotic animals walking by. The excitement, calm and wonder you feel is Safari.

Never Gone marks the beginning of the end of this winding musical pathway, lined with majestical flowers and wondrous wildlife.  The calm is still floating through the air, harmonies washing through the atmosphere like a cleansing remedy.  Alter Ego ends the album with a full-blown trip down Psychedelic Avenue, colourful flowers hovering above and the sounds of pure beauty washing over you.

It’s one thing to call an album a musical journey, but Sui Zhen’s Secretly Susan is a musical masterpiece that will truly take you on an adventure of sound.

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