Listen to SLIM JIMZ’s sophomore EP ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’

Sydney surf-rockers SLIM JIMZ celebrate their sophomore EP ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ with focus track ‘You Must Be Right’

SLIM JIMZ have shared their long awaited sophomore EP ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’, celebrating the release with focus track ‘You Must Be Right’.

Across six stellar tracks, the Sydney surf-rockers stretch beyond the indie sounds they’re known for with more upbeat tempos and faster rhythms, all while reflecting on themes of mental health and relationship struggles. 

Slim Jimz

‘Don’t Keep Quiet’, a follow-up to SLIM JIMZ’ 2022 debut EP ‘Sky Turns Blue’, was produced mostly by the band’s frequent collaborator Jack Nigro, and was borne from a spirit of experimentation that sees the five-piece traverse genres and embrace eclectic songwriting techniques.

“The songs in this EP are a bit of a mixed bag,” SLIM JIMZ bandmate Ben Roach explained in a press statement.

“While some of the songs on the EP were written about relationship issues that have affected me, other songs concern the difficulties surrounding moving into new phases of life.”

SLIM JIMZ celebrated the EP with the release of standout track ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’, which spotlights their atmospheric riffage with resplendent guitars and a punchy, quickfire delivery.

Roach said the track borrows from rap cadences, and arose when the band “experimented with a style we hadn’t taken on before.” 

Lyrically,‘You Must Be Right’ recounts an argument Roach had with his partner and the difficulty of communicating when “they’re too fired up and unable to listen to any logic.”

It’s one of multiple vivid tales painted on ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ — previewed by singles like ‘25’ and ‘R.I.P — with the EP arriving on the cusp of what feels like a breakout moment for SLIM JIMZ. 

Listen to SLIM JIMZ’ sophomore EP ‘Don’t Keep Quiet’ below.