Neil Diamond shares a coronavirus edition of ‘Sweet Caroline’

Neil Diamond has given his 1969 anthem Sweet Caroline a revamp, reminding people to stay safe and hygienic during the coronavirus pandemic.

In what he dubbed a Twitter “singalong”, the musician made some key changes to his famous lyrics to make them more 2020 applicable. Diamond’s dog also makes an adorable cameo in the video.

Neil Diamond
Photo: @NeilDiamond from Twitter

“Hands…washing hands. Reaching out. Don’t touch me, I won’t touch you! SWEET CAROLINE.” Neil Diamond has treated Twitter to a coronavirus edition of his iconic track.

“Hi everybody. This is Neil Diamond and I know we’re going through a rough time right now, but I love ya, and I think if we all sing together, well, we’ll feel just a little bit better. Give it a try, okay?” Diamond opened the video.

Diamond’s cover has now amassed a whopping 3.6 million views, and the internet has flooded the comments with praise.

“Now this is how celebrities should behave thank you Mr Diamond you are true class,” one user wrote.

“Thank you. We needed something to counter the ‘Imagine’ abomination,” said another.

“Coming up next: The Knack sings “My Corona.” 

“Stay safe out there!” the singer urged at the end of the video. Diamond isn’t the first music icon giving their hits a modern take during the outbreak. Recently, singer Gloria Gaynor urged fans to wash their hands while singing her hit song, “I Will Survive.” Check out Diamond’s song below.