Nick Cave discusses the impact of coronavirus in new blog post

Nick Cave has opened up to fans about the cancellation of his upcoming tour and the challenges caused the coronavirus pandemic on his website The Red Hand Files. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds were forced to postpone their highly anticipated UK and European tour earlier this week due to the health risks.

“It has been a very strange few weeks…we all are coming around to the realisation that we will need to lead very different lives for a while,” the post reads.

Nick Cave
Photo: Redferns / Getty

“This will take a little time. It’s a hard question to answer.” Nick Cave gets candid with fans about coronavirus and his cancelled tour in a new blog post.

Cave uses The Red Hand Files as a platform to personally answer fan-submitted questions. A few weeks ago, Cave addressed whether he would change some of his older, more problematic lyrics. Now in his most recent post, Cave has responded to questions about the cancellation of upcoming shows, the likelihood of future shows, and the current pandemic.

“I know it is hard to know, but please give us a hint on the tour in regards of the Corona virus,” one fan asked. “What is the latest you know? What are the risks of the tour being postponed? It would be sad if this is the case, but please know that we fans would support such a decision, no matter how hard it is to wait even longer to see you and the Bad Seeds.”

“One very hard question that The Bad Seeds have had to answer is regarding our touring plans this year,” Cave responded.

“With great disappointment and sadness we made the decision to postpone the UK, Europe and Israel tour, which seems, as far as I can see, the only responsible course of action. I am very sorry. More details will be posted on nickcave.com once the new plan settles.”

The Australian singer noted that he was “working on a more personal response to the hundreds of questions that are coming in regarding the coronavirus.” You can read the post in its entirety here.

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