Neil Young has shared the first of his new self-quarantine fireside sessions

Neil Young has shared the first of his new self-quarantine Fireside Sessions

UPDATE: Neil Young has shared the second performance in his Fireside Sessions series, scroll down for a watch link.

No one can hold Neil Young back from performing. In his most recent performance, Young has live-streamed a short set of songs from a variety of different fireplaces on his property.

The performance, from the constrictions of self-quarantine at his house in Colorado, is an intimate, gorgeous, and slightly odd experience.

Neil Young

In a small set of classics and deep cuts, Neil Young creates a beautiful, intimate and strange experience, unlike anything we have seen from him before.

Young performs from small campfires around his property along with a few indoor fireplaces that make up these Fireside Sessions. All the songs were filmed by Young’s wife, Daryl Hannah, while the performance featured rarities and classics from On the Beach standout Vampire Blues through to a stunning rendition of Tell Me Why.

These gorgeous renditions were intermittently broken up by Young’s strange yet dryly humorous comments. Following his performance of Vampire Blues, Young explained, “That’s a little ditty from our sponsor there. Actually, our sponsor is water. That’s our sponsor. We hope you enjoy our product, and that you can get a lot of it whenever you need it.” This was instantly followed by an add for, well, water.

The commercial break described water as “Earth’s Finest Product.” The apparent and obvious side effects being “increased performance” and “excessive urination”.

Young ends the set with a stunning rendition of Little Wing, seated at his piano, playing through the Hendrix classic. It’s a quiet and sombre end to a beautiful and strange glimpse into Young’s little world.

Check out the setlists below.

Fireside Sessions Setlist 1:

Sugar Mountain
Vampire Blues
Love Art Blues
Tell Me Why
Razor Love
Little Wing

Fireside Sessions Setlist 2:

Four Strong Winds
On the Beach
Love and Only Love

Head here to watch the performance.