Neil Young postpones tour, decides to work on 15 documentaries instead

Neil Young has postponed the majority of his 2019 touring schedule in order to spend time working on 15 new films that document his career, according to a post uploaded to the Neil Young Archives.

Cancelling all but two of his shows, the iconic musician posted “We will be in the editing suites for the duration of 2019. Thanks for coming to our shows! We plan to be back in 2020!”.

neil young tour documentaries

Neil Young has postponed almost all of his 2019 shows to work on 15 archival films that will document his expansive and incredible music career.

A couple of months back, Young announced a collaborative new album with Crazy Horse , entitled Colorado. The making of the upcoming album will be one of the feature films, with Young posting to The Neil Young Archives on Wednesday:

“Today we continue making the film COLORADO, telling the background story of the latest recording from Crazy Horse , a band that really is on its own turf. How the band works together to make music, how the emotions of trying to get a sound go with the emotions of the songs , what the songs are about.”

An animated film entitled Trans 2o20 by Micah Nelson set to Young’s 1982 Trans album is also one of the projects. Find the full list at Rolling Stone.

The release date for Colorado has not been announced.