Neon Tetra deliver a sweet hot blend of trippy funk with Memoriam, live from Big Window Studios

Adelaide band Neon Tetra have gifted us a tasty video of them in the studio at Big Window, performing dynamite single Memoriam. Straight from the introduction, you can tell these boys are down to earth, fun and obviously, hella talented.

Not often do you get a front row seat to a run down of a track from inside the studio itself, but Neon Tetra did that and one better, showcasing the in house experience and Memoriam itself.

And damn, if Big Window doesn’t look like a dream space, I don’t know what does.

The concentration and furious abandon found in Memoriam really captures what Neon Tetra is going for, a unique blend of all their favourite noise.

Memoriam is a fun one, because after that synth builds up you think you’re headed for a Tame Impala-esque roller coaster, but then this funky bass line drops in and you don’t know where it’s headed next.

An intriguing mix of funk, pop, rock and little psych moments throughout, Memoriam is a song you won’t forget in a hurry. Seeing the band totally lost in the process is seriously special.  The boys each bring something fresh and with boundless energy, the tune never falters.

After watching the clip, I cannot wait to catch them at a live show to get a fix of that trippy funk fusion. Luckily, they’re currently touring! With two Sydney shows and one in Melbourne on the cards, there are plenty of opportunities to catch them as they do the rounds with their most recent single Reflections

Fri 21 July – The Captain Cook Hotel, Sydney – Event
Sat 22 July – 107 Projects, Sydney – Event
Sun 30 July – The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne – Event