Annoying ads coming to Netflix, PlayStation and Xbox all at the same time?

Annoying ads coming to Netflix, PlayStation and Xbox all at the same time?

Netflix, PlayStation and Xbox are reportedly considering bringing annoying ads to their subscription services. And it’s absolute bullshit.

Netflix changed the entertainment paradigm by offering an unprecedented library of content at an affordable monthly price. It proved so successful that PlayStation, Xbox, and virtually all other entertainment providers have attempted to copy their subscription model.

One of the most significant advantages of this model, at least initially, was that it gave consumers the chance to circumvent the annoying advertisements of free-to-air television. Remember the old days when your brain was under constant bombardment from multinational brands and corporations?

netflix advertisment
Image: Netflix

I sure as hell do, and I thought I’d be eternally grateful for Netflix’s role in dismantling that system, even if they are responsible for some truly horrific content that may inadvertently kickstart the end of days.

With all that in mind, imagine my shock and disappointment when I heard Netflix, along with PlayStation and Xbox, are exploring the option of bringing advertising to their subscription services. Not on, giant corporations, not on at all.

Firstly, subscribers should note that the way each of these companies is planning to introduce ads on their services is different.

ps plus
Image: PlayStation Plus / PlayStation

According to an Insider report (via The Virge), PlayStation plans to bring ads to free-to-play games in an inconspicuous way (product placement, in-game billboards). However, if you need a PS Plus subscription to play these games, it’s not exactly free-to-play, is it?

On the other hand, Netflix is apparently sore after its number of paying customers is trending downwards for the first time in 11 years. Rather than examining why this is happening (diminishing product quality), they’ve decided to explore new ways of squeezing money out of their loyal users.

I’m totally ok dealing with advertisements on a free platform (Tubi, TV); or rather, I understand it as a necessary evil. However, the moment you try double charge users with both a subscription fee and mental exploitation (advertisements), I’m out.

It remains to be seen if and how Netflix, PlayStation and Xbox implement ads on their platforms. So I’m happy to wait it out and hope that they come to their senses.

If they don’t, I, along with many other users, will likely vote with our feet. And then Netflix and friends will see what a downwards trajectory is really like.