Never wake up the morning after a gig without your credit card again, Clipp has got your back

Ever woken up in a strange house the morning after a gig, rustled through your bag to grab your card to pay for the taxi home and realised you were late night balling and left it behind the bar? May that be the first and last time it happens to you.

Clipp is the leading app in payment technology, allowing you to set up, monitor, close and split tabs with your mates all from your phone – it can even save you heaps of precious dollars or help you find your new favourite venue.

The system runs off of your credit or debit card details or your PayPal account, saving you from leaving your precious card behind the bar and forgetting to retrieve it, or waiting ages in line to punch in your pin.

Free of hassles and surprises, the app allows you to follow exactly how much you’re spending and on what, so when the night ramps up and along with your bill, you know when to call it quits.

Clipp Crowd

You are also able to take the app across multiple venues and go back and forth. Pub crawls will never be the same.

It’s super simple to use: you select your venue, set your limit, click to open a Clipp and just show the venue staff your number. The rest is sorted for you.

You can watch your tab grow over the night and cut it off when its time to head home – or when you reach your set limit. Your card is charged and you can dust your hands of a great night out.

The ability to split the bill with your friends is another added bonus (and an easy way to make sure that one mate who always slinks off without paying doesn’t get a chance). Instead of going round for round, putting the the lot on the app and then splitting evenly at the end of the night saves the awkward conversation.

To top it all off, you can save up to 40 percent off your bill automatically if you meet the minimum spend at a participating venue – there’s heaps to choose from. Just keep an eye out on for the pink icon on the app for some golden deals from places all over your city – you could even find your favourite new haunt.

Next time you go see a gig, skip the awkward round up of drinks orders, the risk of a missing keycard and the shameful return the next day, and save some coin on drinks and eats from venues all over Australia. This app’s got your back.

Download it from the Google store or iTunes app store. And check out their website here.