New documentary to shine a light on reclusive funk legend Sly Stone

A feature-length documentary exploring the iconic rock and funk legend Sly Stone has been announced today. While filmmaker Derik Murray is keeping tight-lipped on the title and release date, Stone is said to have already conducted an interview with the filmmakers.

The doco marks the first film on his life that the famously private Stone has participated in. Among the extensive archival footage and photographs, the film will also feature a soundtrack from Stone’s colourful catalogue.

Sly and the Family Stone documentary

Sly Stone co-created Sly and the Family Stone in the mid-60s. With their blend of funk, soul and rock, the band helped pioneer the emerging psychedelic soul sound of the decade.

The band’s first album, A Whole New Thing, dropped in 1967. That same year Sly and the Family Stone struck gold with the track Dance to the Music.

“In the annals of pop music, certain artists are more than just innovators and more than just icons. Certain artists are avatars – the manifestation of an idea,” said filmmaker Derik Murray.

“For Sly Stone, that idea was to create a diverse band that embraced a kaleidoscope of musical and cultural styles, that stand unparalleled to this day.”

Murray is best known for his work on celebrity documentaries, including the 2017 film I Am Heath Ledger. He has also worked on films about Chris Farley, Even Knievel, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Via Rolling Stone.