New Sydney record label Lazy Thinking Records launched today

Sydney is now home to a brand new record label, Lazy Thinking Records, which has officially launched today.

FBi Radio

The label is co-founded by FBi Radio co-founder and president Cassandra Wilkinson, and has an ultimate goal of finding, developing and releasing music by upcoming local acts.

On her new project, Wilkinson said “As a co-founder of FBi I’ve been a cheerleader for Sydney music since 1995”

“I’ve always believed that life is better with more music in it and that Sydney is better with more music in it. Introducing audiences to the best new noises we make right here is my passion and that’s what this label is all about.”

“Starting a label is a natural,  if overdue, progression. It’s one more way for me to help local artists find people who will love their music.”

“I’m working with great friends on a project that means the world to us,  I can’t wait to get started.”

Lazy thinking will be throwing a launch party on Thursday February 11 at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, with the event line-up featuring Rita Revell, Greevwave Beth JayWays and Artefact. Kicking off at 7pm, tickets can be purchased at the door on the night of the event, or online here.