Nick Cave claims that Kanye West is “our greatest artist”

The crown prince of darkness, Nick Cave, has made some incredibly bold statements over the years.

However, this may be one of his most unusual, claiming that Kanye West is, in fact, “our greatest artist”.

In his most recent post for the Red Hand Files, Nick Cave answered a question on whether he liked Kanye West by stating he is “our greatest artist”.

In one of the most recent posts on his personal blog The Red Hand Files, Naja from Los Angeles asked Cave, “Do you like Kanye?” Cave, not one for a left-field statement, simply puts, “There is no musician on Earth that is as committed to their own derangement as Kanye.” The comment really should make perfect sense. Even though it might not be clear at first, both Kanye and Cave are similar in a number of ways. They are two artists who transform their emotions and pain into universal statements about their personal perceptions of the world at large.

Cave ends his answer by stating, “at this point in time, he is our greatest artist.” It is personally hard to argue this comment, no matter how derailed and confused Kanye’s persona has become in recent years. Not one single artist has been able to mold an entire generation of sound to his twisted will as much as K. West.

Nick Cave himself has gone through enough transformations in his time. If one is to look at the progression from From Her to Eternity’s pure rage through to Ghosteen’s languid sagas, Cave’s career works to his own internal clock.

Let’s hope Cave’s comments resonate and that Kanye can remain “our greatest artist” for a little while longer. Most recently, Cave and Warren Ellis recently donated $500,000 in support of Bushfire Relief.