‘Nitro’ from fusion band Vissac is 5 minutes of pure electric groove

Nitro, the new track from fusion-act Vissac, creates a vaporous soundscape that induces a full-body listening experience.

Five-piece Vissac have already proved they could finesse their instruments of choice on debut single Midas. 

However, on Nitro, they wield instrumental and improvisational skill to invite, then trap the listener is an up-tempo sonic haven.


Hailing from Fremantle, Western Australia, is instrumental-progressive fusion band Vissac. And boy do they know their craft. Yann Vissac plays bass with the elasticity of Thundercat. Miles Gilbert uses the drums to shift tempo and mood at will. Yoann Degioanni uses keys and synths to set dreamy tones and perform drone-like passages.

Alannah Chapman solos on the tenor sax make a listener question why jazz and blues don’t get radio-play like they used to. And finally, Lipe Campos fills all the boring bits up with tasty percussion. Don’t worry, wind chimes are a staple.

Artwork: Alex Hindley

At Underground Recording Studio, the band took their bells, whistles, and wisdom into their latest track Nitro to create a bit of a trip. The 5 minute and 20-second epic begins with some glittering ’80s-esque synths, and a ridiculously high-pitched bass solo to really get you nodding your head. Then the drums go into a snare-heavy shuffle, and the saxophone takes over the solo seamlessly. Chapman clearly understands that a good solo has plenty of contrast. Long notes followed up by a quick succession of sonic-madness. It’s the sort of solo that makes you want to learn sax; impressive stuff. Then we get some pitch-bent synth chaos, which pierces through the mix with its retro-sounding tones.

Take a breath. Now, you’re floating in a slower, more relaxed soundscape with psychedelic-influenced keys, glorious wind chimes, maracas, and other instruments you won’t find from a local rock band at an Aussie pub. Vissac then launches into one final groove, where everyone gets a chance to shine. Bassist Yahn called this work a “wheel spin of high potency”, but to experience it yourself, you better give the track a listen.

Don’t have too much fun, alright? Looking forward to what’s next, Vissac!

Listen to the song here.