After No Mono’s 2nd ever show we’ll say it: the Toms are here to stay

No Mono Dani Hansen Happy Mag

If you did miss out on the first No Mono live experience, don’t stress. They’ve vowed to come back soon, only bigger.

The first highly anticipated shows from Tom Iansek and Tom Snowdon’s new project No Mono rolled out last week. The project has been building considerable momentum since their cryptic unveiling late last year and the release of their captivating premiere track Butterflies.

The Toms first met when Snowdon’s band, Low Lakes, opened for Iansek’s project Big Scary a few years back, and the two went on to collaborate further with #1 Dads. The musical chemistry between them is remarkably potent and instinctive, and is perhaps most distinguishable on what they’re now producing under No Mono.

Shortly following the release of Butterflies came the equally striking Violence Broken. Snowden’s haunting vocals cry out across Iansek’s pulsating rhythms, and the former meets the latter in its dark undertow and cogitative musings on survival, transformation, and the fear and thrill that encompass it all.

Last month the guys also delivered a couple of live videos to accompany each track. The footage was taken by local friends and the Toms’ label family during an intimate gathering at Pieater HQ Bell3Bird in Melbourne. The clips are simply stunning; a beautiful precursor to what would unfold at their first run of live performances which were met with unprecedented demand.

Their show at the Lansdowne in Sydney drew an emphatically sold out crowd who answered every song with roaring applause. The guys both took a few moments throughout to express their immense gratitude at the enormous response the tour was receiving.

Snowden’s exotic choreography was hypnotising, and not unlike what we see in the official video for Butterflies. Iansek took the helm with driving beats and synths. Together, live, it was an utterly captivating event.

After a few more spots were added to this run to try and keep up, they’re rounding out the tour with two final shows in Melbourne this week, both at capacity. If you did miss out, don’t stress. They’ve vowed to come back soon, only bigger.

Words and photos by Dani Hansen.