Want the guys from Pieater to mentor you in recording, mixing, mastering and releasing?

Legendary label Pieater have just announced an awesome opportunity for up and coming artists to release their music, learn the particulars of recording and receive mentoring in understanding the music industry plus the best ways to gain traction as a new artist.

Based in Melbourne, the winner of the competition will sit down with Tom Iansek, originally of Big Scary and-co founder of Pieater, and workshop their music through the recording process, mixing and mastering of your release.


It’s a pretty phenomenal opportunity to get your music out there and tap into the resources and experience that the team at Pieater have to offer.

Of the new venture, the label has said “We feel that providing a safe, comfortable and inspiring creative community is important to the success of any artist, and we’d love to share a couple of days with you. “

So how do you get in the game? Firstly head to their website and check out the requirements, but at this stage it’s as simple as sending in your music and seeing how it fares, but you need to send it through by the 29th of November.

We are super keen to see what comes of the project and who Pieater manages to uncover as the next big thing.